Brief club info, gleaned from their websites. If you would like to add/edit, ping Paul via the RCSE.

CASL: AMA charter #2133 and home of the Southwest Classic. CASL is a Soaring and Electric RC Club located at Rodeo Park in Glibert, Arizona.

SVSS: SVSS is a social organization whose purpose is to promote the enjoyment of flying radio controlled model gliders. Our club was founded ten years ago and now has close to 112 members of all ages, abilities and from all walks of life with a common bond, we love to fly. Membership is open to the general public.

CVRC: C.V.R.C. was formed back in the early 60's by a group of guys flying R/C power planes and sailplanes with an emphasis on Sailplanes. As time went on, some C.V.R.C. pilots started flying in sailplane contests around the State of Calif. all the time wanting to put on a contest of their own. After some debate they decided to put on a contest in the fall of the year, but what should they call it? It came upon one member to call it the Fall Soaring Festival and the name stuck.