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San Fernando Valley Silent Flyers

Woodland Hills, CA - AMA Charter 1327

5/30/09 - AMA Dart Glider Contest



Bud Matthews
Jim Buck
Bob Cosgrove
Art Chmielewski
Lowell Norenberg
John Chilton


Bob Cosgrove

3/14/09 - Catapult Glider Contest


After a busy morning of flying in great Southern California weather, we ordered pizza and soft drinks to the field. Once we enjoyed the food we began assembling our catapult gliders provided by Jim Buck. Once each of us had their glider flying and trimmed out (ok, some of us could have used more time), we separated pilots in groups of three by drawing numbers. We flew four rounds and points were awarded based on landing order (e.g. first glider down earned one point, while the last glider down in the group earned three points). A fly-off was held for the top four pilots. The result of the top six pilots were:

1st Place - Bud Matthews
2nd Place - Jim Buck
3rd Place - Art Chmielewski & Lowell Norenberg (tie)
4th Place - John Chilton
5th Place - Willy Eisele

Since we all had a lot of fun, be prepared to trim your catapult gliders next month for another event.

Jim Buck

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You may renew in person at the field (see Jim Buck) or online.

Your membership is greatly appreciated...Thank you in advance.

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