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CVRC Fall Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - October 2012
Courtesy of Virginia Turner, Bob Burnright, Ed Foster, Jim Skinner

FAI F3J World Championship & SOS Pre-Contest - South Africa - August 2012
Courtesy of Facebook F3J Worldchampionship Photo Submissions & Jo Grini

ISS RES Challenge - Riverside, CA - July 2012
Courtesy of Anonymous

AVA Pro - Fire Sale AVA Pro - Fire Sale AVA Pro - Fire Sale AVA Pro - Fire Sale

Fresno Bent Wing Summer Festival - Visalia, CA - June 2012
Courtesy of Dennis Smith

Keith Schwemmer Atomic Alexander Eremenko with AVA Pro Ouch! Victory! Steve & Chris George Chris & Steve George Atomic on launch AVA Jason George & Art Chmielewski Larry Watson & Joe Jason George Atomic on Final

CVRC Bent Wing Contest - Visalia, CA - May 2012
Courtesy of Keith Kindrick & Joe Nave

AVA spear Still a 25... Art Chmielewski 25pt. Ouch! Keith Kindrick Lost AVA Data Entry Woody Class Winners Jason George Jerry Robertson - Grey Cup Winner


Friday ALES launch
Friday ALES l
Art Chmielewski AVA landing
Jason George Topaz landing
Keith Kindrick Atomic landing
Joe Nave AVA landing

Fresno Classic - Visalia, CA - April 2012
Courtesy of Keith Schwemmer and Dennis Smith

Southwest Soaring Festival - Phoenix, AZ - February 2012
Courtesy of Virginia Turner, Terry Coleman, Paul Emerson, Joe Nave and Gordon Buckland

Atomic on Launch - Steve George John Diniz Art Chmielewski with AVA Andy Thonet with AVA Joe Nave launching Zenith 3.7 Arendt Borst with Maxa Zenith 3.7 AVA Icon 2 Explorer AVA Zenith 3.7 AVA Zenith 3.7 Landings in progress... Ooops... AVA Steve & Jason George - Atomic Zenith 3.7 AVA Joe Nave Steve George with Atomic AVA Jason George with Zenith 3.7 Andy Thonet Team Futaba CASL 2012 Open Class Winners CASL 2012 RES Class Winners CASL 2012 Woody Class Winners CASL 2012 2M Class Winners

John Erickson Memorial DLG Contest - Long Beach, CA - January 2012
Courtesy of Brian Furutani

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