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CVRC F3J Fest - Visalia, CA - November 2011
Courtesy of Keith Kindrick

CVRC Fall Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - October 2011
Courtesy of Brian Furutani, Jim Skinner, James Reed, Ed Foster, Steve George, Keith Kindrick, Matt Salomon

Mike Lee Gary Felice Phil Hill Andy Thonet Leonard Reed Mike Reagan - Gary Felice Team SUSA Claude Turner Alyssa Wulick Bob and Robin McGowan Keith Finkenbiner - Keith Kindrick Phil Hill Andy Thonet Claude Turner wins raffle grand prize Steve George Open Class Winners RES Class Winners Woody Class Winners 2M Class Winners Grey Cup Winner Youth Class Winners

Landing Videos: Daryl Perkins (AVA) Art Chmielewski (Zenith 3.7) Mike Reagan (AVA)

F3K California Challenge - Visalia, CA - June 2011

CVRC Bent Wing Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - May 2011
Courtesy of Jay Harland, Keith Kindrick & Virginia Turner

Leonard Reed Al Strahm & Pete Rose Merrill & Mathew Brady Claude Turner Joe Nave Ahem... Too HIGH! Oculus - New Merrill Brady design Merrill Brady Looking good... Steve George & his Atomic Woody Looking for Bio-Fuel Larry Jolly - 1st Place RES Hank Shorz - 2nd Place RES Keith Kindrick - 3rd Place RES Larry Jolly - 1st Place Woody Bob Swet - 2nd Place Woody Jerry Tonelli - 3rd Place Woody Team Win - CVRC

Fresno Classic - Fresno, CA - April 2011
Courtesy of Keith Kindrick & Rich Cap

Bob & Robin McGowan Team CVRC

Southwest Soaring Festival - Phoenix, AZ - February 2011
Courtesy of Joe Nave, Virginia Turner

Saturday morning Sandstorm on Saturday Sunday - Nice! Claude Turner launching AVA Zenith 3.7 on launch Peter & Caroline Goldsmith with Pike Perfect Faulty RX battery? Ouch! :( Going for points Art Chmielewski with AVA on final Ouch! Steve George with Zenith for landing points Chico Romero Open Class Winner - Bob McGowan Top 9 Open Class RES Winners Woody Class Winners 2M Class Winners Grey Class Winner Junior Class Winners

Video of sandstorm taken on Saturday

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