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Fun with Photoshop
Courtesy of Fred Olsen & Joe Nave

Joe Nave - Kailua, HI Mike Verzuh - Muncie, IN Arend Borst - Muncie, IN Joe Wurts - Muncie, IN Muncie, IN Connor Laurel - Visalia, CA Art Chmielewski - Visalia, CA Art Chmielewski - Visalia, CA

Fall Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - October 2010
Courtesy of John Yee, Joe Nave, Paul Rose, Claude Turner and Paul Emerson

CVRC Field, Visalia, CA Rick Shelby & Zenith Virga Xplorer AVA Pro AVA Xplorer 4000 Art Chmielewski & Zenith 3.7 Art Chmielewski & AVA Icon 2 Ready on Final Icon 2 Pike Perfect Best Friends Sergey & Vladimir from the Ukraine Paul Crittenden & Supra Pro Cody Remington & Espada RL Steve George & Zenith 3.7 Out of bounds Larry Jolly & 2M Sprite Connor Laurel & Supra Pro Caig Greening & Xplorer Aspire aspiring to be closer Image 2M AVA Pro Image 2M Zenith 3.7 for 25 pts. Icon 2 a bit short... Xplorer Pike Perfect Supra Pro Xplorer Joe Wurts & Supra Pro Xperience Pro Art Chmielewski & Zenith 3.7 AVA going for points AVA Pro Zenith Nico Zenith 3.7 going for 25 pts. Albert Fuenfstueck Joe Nave & Zenith 3.7 Launch Master Steve George Shadow Art Chmielewski & AVA Joe Nave & AVA Joe Wurts & Supra Pro AVA Ouch! Sunrise Sunday Zenith 3.7 The Colonel - 92 Years Young! Wing Flex! Junior Class Winners Woody Class Winners RES Class Winners 2-Meter Class Winners Open Class Winners

Timelapse Movie of Launch Area - Courtesy of Andy Thonet
Timelapse Movie of Landing Area - Courtesy of Andy Thonet

LSF Soaring Masters, Muncie, IN - September 2010
Courtesy of Joe Nave

AMA Soaring Field, Muncie, IN Arend Borst Peter Baumeler Jochen Luetke Marna TX Central Joe Nave Joe Wurts Blayne Chastain Arend Borst Mike Verzuh Mike Reagan Thomas Cooke Joe Wurts Oops... Top 10

Soaring in Hawaii - Kailua, HI - June 2010
Courtesy of Fred Olsen and James Miura

Joe Nave & Zenith 3.7 Kailua, HI Zenith 3.7 Zenith 3.7 CJ Nave - World's Fastest Retriever Joe Nave Zenith 3.7 Zenith 3.7 Zenith 3.7 Joe Nave Joe Nave Joe Nave Launching Zenith 3.7 Zenith 3.7 Zenith 3.7 Kailua, HI Al Yoshimoto launching Predator 4 Windy final approach of Zenith 3.7

Bent Wing Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - May 2010
Courtesy of Jim Skinner, Art Chmielewski, Merrill Brady, Keith Kindrick, Steve George and Joe Nave

Field of RES In Memory of John Jerry Tonelli Joe Newland & ? Phil Hill Jerry Robertson & Rick Bothell Ross Thomas & Major Anderson Happy Couple! ;) Keith Kindrick Major Anderson & Ross Thomas Matthew & Merrill Brady Claude Turner & Leonard Reed Phil Hill Keith Kindrick & Jason George The 5 not-so-wise-men Keith Kindrick Rick Schwemmer launching Keith Finkenbiner & Joe Nave Keith Kindrick Ed Holder Alexander Eremenko Bob Swet Andy Thonet Matt Gewain Scott & Keith Schwemmer Claude Turner launching Out! Take that! Oops... On final Maybe? Barely a 25 point landing Ouch! Jason George Scott Marnoch Alexander Eremenko Keith & Scott Schwemmer Jason George Andy Thonet Mike Reagan Mike Reagan Andy Thonet Art Chmielewski Out Almost back Out Drenched Out Out Look, a plane... Big fish Going green... Steve George Edgar Vera RES Class Winners - Rick Schwemmer, Joe Nave, Ed Holde Woody Class Winners - Merrill Brady, Keith Kindrick, Jerry Tonelli Team Class Winners - Team CVRC

Art Chmielewski - AVA Landing (MOV)
Mike Reagan - AVA Landing (MOV)
Alexander Eremenko - AVA Landing (MOV)
Keith Kindrick - BubbleSupra Landing (MOV)

Fresno Classic - Fresno, CA - April 2010
Courtesy of Steve George and Keith Kindrick

Andy Thonet Jason George Chris George Mike Lee & Mike Skubee

Southwest Soaring Festival - Phoenix, AZ - February 2010
Courtesy of Joe Nave, Virginia Turner, Mike Bergerson, Phil Lutz and John Wilson

In Memory of John Erickson Small Landing Spot Ben Clerx launching Aspire BOT The CVRC Gang Journey Team Futaba Larry Jolly & Ben Clerx with AVA Pro Tom Watson Art Chmielewski David Judson and Shadow Matt & Gail Gewain with AVA Mike Bergerson Pete Goldberg & John Diniz with Supra Pro Art Markiewicz & Sharon Pro AVA hits the spot! Mike Reagan and AVA Pro Joe Nave Tom Watson Pike Perfect on approach AVA Pike Perfect Pike Perfect Claus Langer & Alex Eremenko Oops... AVA hits time and the spot! Supra Pro on launch Skip Miller and Topaz Scott Morton and Phil Lutz - The Scoring Brains AVA on tow AVA Pro No comment CVRC Gang Jason George - Joe Nave Bill Malvey wins raffle Xplorer John Baird wins raffle Starlight 3000 Open Class Winners RES Class Winners 2M Class Winners 1st Place Woody Winner - Larry Jolly Leonard Reed wins Grey Class 1st Place RES - Joe Nave & 1st Place Open - Jason George Three Winners

SWC 2010 Video by Jason George (YouTube)
Saturday Field Panorama by Jason George (MP4)
Arthur Markiewicz - Getting ready to launch by Jason George (MP4)
Arthur Chmielewski - Before launching by Jason George (MP4)
Arthur Chmielewski - Funny landing by Jason George (MP4)

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