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Fall Soaring Festival, Visalia, CA - October 2009
Courtesy of Virginia Turner, Jim Skinner, Greg Wright, Rick Pearson and Joe Nave

19 LSF Vs 2009 FSF Open Class Winners 2009 FSF Open RES Winners 2009 FSF Woody Class Winners 2009 FSF 2-Meter Class Winners 2009 FSF Youth Class Winners

Video Clips in MOV format - use

AVA Landing 1 (20MB)     AVA Landing 2 (6MB)

Contest results available in the Scores section

F3J Trials, Denver, CO - September 2009
Courtesy of Philip Jones

SVSS Soaring Challenge , Davis, CA - June 2009
Courtesy of Jason George

F3J In The Rockies, Denver, CO - May 2009
Courtesy of Philip Jones

Cross Country Flying, California Valley, CA - May 2009
Courtesy of Kai Yang

Kai Yang Kai Yang and Greg Norsworthy

Bent Wing Soaring Festival, Visalia, CA - May 2009
Courtesy of Virginia Turner, Jason George, Jim Skinner, Larry Watson, Richard Hazlewood, Bobby Tom, Art Chmielewski

Mark Browning Art Chmielewski launching AVA Joe Nave launching AVA Tony Brooks launching AVA Fred Weaver Mark Browning launching Topaz Mike Reagan launching AVA AVA on launch Danny on launch Joe Nave and Art Chmielewski Bobby Tom and Larry Watson Father and Son George (Jason & Steve) Richard Hazlewood and Larry Watson Landing Area (25/10/0) AVA on Final On the money! Body English ...a bit over WOW! Alexander Eremenko trying his best... Jason George short... Miek Reagan short... Jason George with Dad's missed landing Disappointed Steve George Art McNamee AVA on target Leonard Reed Fred Weaver with a good landing Chris George and Mark Browning discussing mid-air Chris George's broken "White Trash" Keith Kindrick's broken BOT Art Chmielewski and Joe Nave Art Chmielweski helping fix a problem

Contest results available in the Scores section

Video Clips in MOV format - use

Chris George landing 1/2 a plane after mid-air with Mark Browning
Steve George making a nice landing
Mark Browning explaining how he mid-aired Chris George

Soaring Comics by Jason George

Soaring in Hawaii, Honolulu, HI - March 2009
Courtesy of Fred Olsen, Weylan Wang, James Miura

Honolulu Soaring Field On Tow AVA Supra Dave Hill Joe Nave & AVA AVA on Launch Joe Nave & Icon 2 Honolulu Soaring Field Honolulu Soaring Field Milt Chun & Arrow Pro Joe Nave Come here... Icon 2 Icon 2 Icon 2 on Launch Joe Nave & Espada Arrow Sport Arrow Sport Espada Espada Arrow Sport Hawaiian Sunset

Video Clips in MOV format - use

Southwest Soaring Festival - Phoenix, AZ - February 2009
Courtesy of Virginia Turner, Chico Romero, Scott Morton, Mike Bergerson, Joe Nave

Everybody Smile! Mike Lee Kicking up a bit of dirt... AVA on Final Another AVA on Final Mike Lee launching... Whoops - where is this AVA going? Team Futaba AVA Supra and AVA Chico in charge... Field of Sailplanes AVA Topaz Blaine Chastain launching Supra Topaz AVA trying to escape Ben Wright launching Topaz Topaz meets Terra Firma Air Traffic Pike Perfect Supra Supra Icon 2 Supra Lost AVA Pike Perfect Claude and Virginia Turner Topaz hits the mark Arthur M. and Sharon Pro Bill Fife & Art Chmielewski wth Paragon Arthur Markiewicz & Sharon Pro Mike Bergerson TOSS Team David Hobby & Icon 2 AVA AVA on the money Blaine Chastain John Erickson & body language Jon Padilla and more body language Blaine Chastain Kicking up some dirt... Lots of sailplanes More sailplanes Gail & Matt Gewain with Supra Claude Turner & Pike Perfect Jon Padilla & Blaine Chastain with Topaz Sailplanes Tuan Le & Nan Explorer Bob Avery & Bubble Dancer Art Chmielewski with AVA Mike Reagan Don Richmond Ian Douglas & Phillip Brister Gary Felice & Mike Reagan with Supra Claude Turner & AVA John Erickson & Alexander Eremenko Power Winch Hands Free Retriever Big Raffle Merrill Brady, son and Marauder Steve Wilcox - Retriever Boss Chico Romero - CD Ron Scharck Cody Remington & 2M Image Skip Miller & Topaz Mike Lee & Nan Explorer John Erickson Merrill Brady & Marauder Dr. Dan & Icon 2 Joe Nave & Supra Mike Reagan & Supra David Hobby & Icon 2 Tuan Le & Mike Lee Shannon Bingham & Co. Alexander Eremenko ready to launch Dr. Dan & Blaine Chastain Mike Smith launching Icon 2 Chico Romero launching "Javier Special" Joe Nave launching Supra... OPEN Class Winners RES Class Winners 2M Class Winners Woody Class Winners Youth Class Winners Gray Class Winner Team Winners - RMSA

Video Clips in MOV format - use

Sharon Landing (12MB)     AVA Landing 1 (28MB)     AVA Landing 2 (18MB)

Contest results available in the Scores section

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