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Tangerine Soaring Championships - Orlando, FL - November 2007
Photos submitted by Peter Jensen

Fall Soaring Festival - Visalia, CA - October 2007
Photos submitted by Virginia Turner, Jim Skinner, Joe Nave, Gene Hays and Donald Doe

Landing Area 25-15-10 Jim Smith Neil and Joan Nolte Sea of Planes Scott Marnoch John Erickson and Lowell Norenberg Topaz Jim and Connor Laurel Landing Area Gallery Merrill Brady with Marauder Transmitter Impound Missed it by that much... Far, far away - 0 points for the round Far, far away - 0 points for the round AVA on Final Jim Thomas and Rob Glover (Bubba) Scott Meader Brendan Beardsley and Darryl Perkins Happy? AVA Mike Lee & Mike Scube The Websters AVA AVA Bob Breaux Joe Nave & AVA Supra AVA Mark Browning Jason George & Keith Kindrick Keith Kindrick's Pike AVA AVA AVA John Erickson lending a helping hand Open Winners RES Winners 2M Winners Woody Winners Youth Winners

Results available in the Scores section

USA F3J Team Selections - Plainfield, IL - September 2007
Photos submitted by Jim Bacus

Results available in the Scores section

USA F3J Team Selections - Plainfield, IL - September 2007
Photos submitted by Jeff Goin -

Torrey Pines Gulls - Int'l Handlaunch Glider Festival - Poway, CA - June 2007
Photos submitted by Chris Adams, Barry Kennedy, Mike Lee/Quiet Flyer, Milt Chun, Pete Salomon and Joe Nave

Arrow Pros Arrow Pros John Erickson Lex Mierop Mike Smith Adam Smith Kai Yang Team Aloha - Arrow Pros Joe Wurts juggling... DLGs!  What else? DLGs RIP Geoff Jones - Vandal Phil Pearson Joe Nave Team Vandal Art Chmielewski Geoff Jones & Dave Hill Order of the Arrow Pros Joe Nave Joe Wurts Bob McGowan & Kai Yang Phil Barnes Joe Wurts Pete Salomon Oleg Golividov Time is running out... Team Aloha Chris Adams, Terry Koplan, ? Greg Norsworthy singing the DLG Blues... Dr. Mark Drela Joe Wurts Rob Johnston & Mark Chung Mark Chung Phil Barnes - 1st Place Top 10 Junior Winners Oleg Golovidov Pete Salomon Pete Salomon & Joe Wurts

Results available in the Scores section

CVRC Bent Wing Contest - Visalia, CA - May 2007
Photos and Videos submitted by Virginia Turner and Keith Kindrick

Scott Marnoch with Topaz Jason George with Topaz John Erickson Phil Hill launching Bird of Time On final... Blowing almost 15 steady... Don Northern Lowell Norenberg & John Erickson Joe Nave Keith Finkenbiner & John Rodgers Jim Skinner launching Jason George Jim Smith Lowell Norenberg & John Erickson AVA on target Angel John Erickson Too many Topaz? ...and one AVA Mike Reagan & Joe Nave Phil Hill and Bird of Time Mike Reagan Woodie Winner: John Erickson Keith Finkenbiner & Jim Smith Jim Skinner & Mike Reagan & Jason George CVRC Winners: Jim Skinner, Jason George, Keith Kindrick, John Rodgers Fred Weaver Fred Weaver & S-7 Courier

Results available in the Scores section

Fresno Classic - Fresno, CA - April 2007
Photos and Videos submitted by Keith Kindrick

Joe Wurts - The proper way of tuning a Supra
AJ McGowan - Supra landing

Southwest Soaring Festival - Phoenix, AZ - February 2007
Photos submitted by Mike Bergerson, Keith Kindrick, Joe Nave
Special thanks to Claude Turner, Carolyn & Wayne Zuehl for their photo CD submissions

Chico Joe Nave with Arrow Pro DLG Raffle folks Joe Nave with AVA John Erickson & Edgar Vera A bit windy... Fred Weaver Close... Team CVRC Keith Kindrick & Jason George Fred Weaver & Keith Kindrick Close... Art M. & Lex Mierop Cody Remington Jason George Bob Vixie & Mark Howard Dan Williams Darwin Barry & Skip Miller Darwin Barry & Daryl Perkins

Results available in the Scores section

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