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Entries last updated: 29 Jan 2018

3 Sea Bees Models, Inc. - Model Manufacturer
Amain Performance Hobbies - Model Distributor
Ace Wing Carrier - RC Wing Bags
Aeronaut - Electrics
Aerospace Composite Products - Building supplies, Carbon, Kevlar, etc.
Aircraft World - Electric Motor Systems & Accessories
Airtronics - R/C Systems
All e-RC - GWS and Lithium Polymer Headquarters
APC Prop - Propellers
Art Hobby - Sailplane Manufacturer
Astroflight - Electric Motors and Chargers
Atlanta Hobby - Worlds largest flying wing dealer and E Flight specialist
Axel's Scale Pilots - Scale Pilots
Batteries America - Rechargable Batteries
BattlePack - Rechargable Batteries
Bishop Power Products - Brushless Motors and electronic accessories
Breta Model - Models
Carl Goldberg Models - Models
Castle Creations - Motors & Motor Controls
Central Hobbies - Distributor
CFC Graphics - Design and Production of Model Airplane Graphics
CHK Modelle - Manufacturer and Distributor of Composite & Electric Models
Combat Wings - Foam Wings
Competitive Winches - Winches and retrievers
Composite Gliders - DLGs - Helios, XXLite
Composite Specialties/F3X.COM - Distributor
Composites Store/CST - Building supplies, Carbon, Kevlar, etc.
Compufoil - Software
Dimension Engineering - Robotics, Radio Control, Power Electronics
Diversity Model Aircraft - E-Model supplies, battery pack supplies, zapping
DJ Aerotech - Models
Dubro - Hardware Accessories
Dymond Modelsport - Distributor
Dynaflite - Models
E Cubed R/C - Micro Receiver Antennas
Edge RC - Manufacturer of Electric Models
ElectroDynamics - Electronics & accessories
EMS - Exclusiv Modellbau Scheifele - Scale Models
EMS Jomar - Electronic Products
Esprit Model - Distributor
F3X.COM/Composite Specialties - Distributor
Feathercut Foam Cutter - Hot Wire Foam Cutter for Foam Cutting
FMA Direct - Planes & Accessories
Foamlinx - Foam Cutting CNC Machines
Futaba - R/C Systems
FVK Modell - Models
Gewalt Grossegler - German Scale Sailplanes
Glider Graphics - Sailplane, Glider-related Shirts, Hats, Mugs, Cups, Clocks, etc.
Global Hobby - Distributor
Graupner - Models
Great Planes - Model Distributor
Hacker Motors - Brushless Motor Systems and Controllers
Hangtimes Hobbies - Batteries & Battery Systems
Hansen Hobbies - Electronics Design and Development
Helmut Quabeck Modellflug - Wing Profile Design & Sailplanes
Herr Engineering - Park Flyers
Hexpert Systems - ZLog Altimeter
Hitec RCD - Remote control systems and accessories
HKM Modellbau - Models, Sharon Pro
Hobby Barn - Distributor
Hobby Club - Distributor
Hobby Hangar - Distributor
Hobby Horse - Distributor
Hobby King - Distributor
Hobby Shack/Hobby People - Distributor
Hoellein Modellflug - Distributor, Electrics & Accessories
Horizon Hobby - Distributor
ICARE Sailplanes - Distributor
Ikarus - Distributor
Isthmus Model Co. - Manufacturer and Distributor of Sailplanes & Electric Models
Jamara - Models
JISPRO, Czech Republic - Manufacturer of high-quality Gfk Sailplanes, scale gliders, SZD-55 Promyk
JR Radio - RC equipment manufacturer
Kennedy Composites - Composite models
Kontronik - Brushless Motor Systems and Controllers
Kyosho - Kyosho
Laser Arts - Laser cutting, sailplane kits, winch plans
Lenger Modellbau - Models
Litepilots - Super Lite Weight R/C Pilots and Wheel Pants
Lubos Pazderka Models - Manufacturer of Eraser, Eraser Xtreme and Faser F3B/F3J sailplanes
Magellan Technologies - GPS, Vario & Dataloggers
Master Airscrew - Propellers & Motors
Maxamps - High perfomance Electric Powered RC Products and Accessories
Maxx Products - Batteries, Motors & Accessories
Micro Fasteners - Bolts, screws, nuts, hardware
Mikro Designs - Small Receivers, Speed Controllers, Antennas & Switches
Millennium RC - Innovative Planes and Accessories for Electric R/C Airplanes
MKS Servos USA - Servos
MM Glidertech - Models
Modellbau Pollack - Models
MotoCalc - MotoCalc Software
Mr. Kite - Winch parachutes
Mr. NiCd/Batteries America - Batteries
Multiplex USA - Fine Model Manufacturer
Neu Motors - Brushless Motors and Accessories
New Creations RC - Electric Accessories
NoBs Batteries - Batteries and Accessories
Oberflug Modellbau - F3B/F3J Accessories
PAF Flugmodelle - Models
Parkflyer Plastics - Foam Construction Tips
Peak Electronics - Electronic Chargers
Picolario - Variometers
Pit Lab - Variometers
Plane Quiver - Wing Bags
Plantraco MicroFlight - World's Smallest Micro R/C RTF Models and Parts
Plettenberg Motoren - Motors
Polecat Aeroplane Works - DLG Models
R/C Direct - Electronics
R/C Dude Hobbies - RC accessories
R/C Superstore - Distributor
R/C Accessory - Accessories for all RC aircraft
RC Builder - DLG Models and Accessories
RC Harness - Custom RC Wire Harnesses
Radical RC - Accessories
Radio Carbon Art - World's Best RC Videos
Radio Controlled Toys Online - Remote Control Toys
Radio South - Radio Repair
RCA Models - Models
Reese Productions - Soaring Videos
RnR Products - Models
Robbe - Models
Roedelmodell - Models
Rosenthal-Flugmodelle - Models
RTL Fasteners - Discount Model Building Supplies
Sailplane Stickers - Stickers
Samba Model - Manufacturers of Pike and Brio sailplanes
Samlex America - AC-DC Hobby Power Supplies
Schulze Electronik - Electronics
Servo City - Servos
Sheldon's Hobbies - Distributor
Shredair - Distributor
SIG Manufacturing - Models
Sirius Electronics - Electronic Chargers
Skip Miller Models - Distributor of F3J, RES and other aircraft models
Skybench Aerotech - Mfg. of laser-cut RES and Classic woody sailplanes
SkyKing RC Products - Sailplanes and Accessories
Skymelody - Veriometers
SLK Electronics - ElectriCalc
Smiley Antenna Company - "Rubber Ducky" Antennas
Soaring Circuits - RC Electronics
Soaring Goods - T-Shirts and other Soaring items for R/C and Full Size soaring
Soaring Stuff - Accessories
SoaringUSA - Distributor of high performance sailplanes and electrics
Sport Klemm - Models
SR Batteries - Batteries
Sullivan Products - Hardware and accessories
Taboo - Taboo, Taboo XL DLG Gliders
Tailboom - DLG Accessories
Tangent - Sailplane Manufacturer
Technical Products Enterprises (TPE) - Custom Battery Packs
Tejera Microsystems Engineering, Inc. - Battery charging and smoke products
Tekin - Electronic Accessories
ThinGap Hobby Motors - Brushless Motors
TNR - Batteries
Tower Hobbies - Distributor
Trick R/C - Models
Tun Modellbau - F3B/F3J Models
Vladimir's Models - Model Manufacturer
Volz Servos - Servo Manufacturer
West Mountain Radio - Computerized battery analyzer
Xenonproject - RC Airplanes
Zepsus- Magnetic RC switch